Bridal Shower Photography: 4 Reasons to Capture the Celebration

June 23, 2023


Bridal shower photography doesn’t always make the top of the priority list for wedding must-haves.

But your bridal shower is planned by the people who love you most.

And it’s usually captured on guests’ iPhones… with you left hoping enough people will send you the good ones. (Spoiler: they always send the ones with the most unflattering angles)

So whether your bridal shower is extravagant and lively or simple and intimate, you deserve to have all the gorgeous details and meaningful moments preserved on this day, too.

4 Reasons To Invest in Bridal Shower Photography

It’s typical for couples to focus on engagement and wedding photos as the main reason to hire a photographer. But the activities leading up to your big day hold so many moments you won’t want to forget. And having professional images of those celebrations can lock the memories in forever.

1. Details Details Details

On your wedding day, your photographer will document your decorations and get detail shots in between the big moments. But the main focus is capturing the bride and groom.

But at your bridal shower, all the little details really get a chance to shine without the pressure of following a strict timeline.

This is where your photographer can get some shots of your invitations or capture all the effort that was put into your decor. You can preserve your gorgeous tablescape or the way your desserts looked before your guests dug in.

2. More Relaxed, Carefree Moments

Your wedding day is planned down to the minute. From hair and makeup to the last dance, your photographer will be there to make sure every moment is captured.

But when celebrating at your bridal shower, you don’t have to rush from one location to the next. You don’t have to stress about transportation, multiple vendors, or when your mom’s second cousin’s boyfriend shows up uninvited.

Your bridal shower is planned for you. All you have to do is arrive and have fun! Between greeting guests, opening gifts, and playing games, this day is perfect for capturing the wedding excitement.

3. Photos With ALL of Your People

No matter how big or small your guest list is, you likely won’t have a photo with every guest on your wedding day. Even at the reception, there’s so little time between the toasts, meals, and dancing.

But when you document your bridal shower, your photographer can capture all the candid or group photos you want.

You can get images with all of your friends instead of just the bridesmaids. You’ll have time to take some photos with your mom or grandmother. Or you’ll have a chance for more couple photos if your fiance makes the famous “groom appearance.”

4. Your Photographer Can Get To Know Your Bridal Party

The more your photographer knows you (and your people) the better they can capture your wedding experience.

I usually rely on the bride to feel me in on who the bridesmaids are and what the family dynamics are like. But getting to spend the day with everyone before the wedding is a game-changer.

I can show up on the wedding day knowing which bridesmaids are outgoing or who are more reserved. I’ll know who to hand the tissues to when the tears start flowing. Or I’ll have an idea of how to assist the bride with *opinionated* family members.

All-in-all, this allows me to make sure your day is stress-free while documenting the details as they unfold.

Add Bridal Shower To Your Wedding Photography Coverage

You know those days when you’re having so much fun with your people that stopping to take a photo is the last thing on your mind?

Don’t look back on your bridal shower and wish you’d documented the memories!

I always say YES when brides ask me if they should add bridal shower photography to their wedding package. This often-overlooked event is full of opportunities to capture photos of friendship, excitement, and wedding season joy.

Looking for a wedding photographer to capture it all?

I believe in blending fine art and honest storytelling to capture all of the intimate moments of your love story. Based out of Upstate New York, I document weddings, engagement sessions, and more throughout the Saratoga Springs, Lake George, and Upper Hudson Valley areas.

Reach out over here, and let’s talk about your dream wedding!

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